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Important note: For some reason, the save button is currently in the middle of the page. We hope to get around to cleaning that up soon 🙂

URL of About page and Sri Chinmoy page

These two pages will be featured quite strongly in the top menu, the footer and at the bottom of each event page.
Since these two pages are going to be quite prominent, it is probably worth your while also turning them into Display pages, and putting some effort into making them as good as you can if you have the time.

Contact information

This contact information is located in the footer, where people usually search for it. It is a good idea to provide an address, as it gives the sense that the Marathon Team is a real concrete organisation. You can also provide phone number and email address  (the email address will be protected from spam).

Results listing

You can choose whether to have all events on the page (which is good if you only do 1 or 2 events per year), or display them year by year.
In addition, you can choose to have some friendly text on the results page by way of introduction, or to supply any additional information you think is necessary.

About menu

When you hover over the ‘About’ link, the menu pops down to show an image and description which can be configured here. The idea is that when they hover over About, they immediately get some information about us even before they click on the ‘Read more’ button.
There are also up to 4 additional links on this menu that can be specified here – title, description and URL of page that will be linked to.
One of the links is hardcoded to the Sri Chinmoy page, so you just need to supply a description

Popular links (in footer menu)

Here you can link to popular pages on this site – e.g Latest News or Race Stories, or on other country sites