These are checklists to use when periodically checking your site

When there is not an active Peace Run

Maybe there is nothing happening, maybe there are some one off events. Bear in mind this is actually most of the time.

  • Update your press release (often releases refer to an active peace run which is confusing)
  • The route page no longer matters, so you can make less accessible
  • Update front page where appropriate. For example if you do one-off school visits, maybe the teachers page is appropriate.
  • Check all the contact details and make sure they are accurate. If there is a contact form test regularly to make sure messages get through

When the Peace Run is happening and passing through your country

  • Update your press release
  • Update your route page, and make sure it is prominently accessible. For example, you could put it on the top menu, or on the front page.
  • If you have an ‘our team’ page with bios of team members, make sure it reflects the actual team (it doesnt have to be exhaustive)
  • Check contact details and test the contact form.

It might be helpful to keep 2 copies of different pages, one for when you have an active Peace Run and one for when you don’t.

  • For example, for the Media page, you could have two copies of the press release, depending on whether there is an active run or not (you could even keep them in unpublished pages on your site).
  • However, the media page should always remain at the same URL. You should not create a new page every time you want to create new press release.
  • The same goes for the other pages. They can be updated regularly, but you should use the same page always.