Copying files from archives-en to foreign language

1) Copy English original to relevant folder (e.g. Portuguese /pt)

2) Change metadata of book:

  • a. translation of title
  • b. change  :language: en to  pt
  • c. :original-edition: true to nil
  • d. :cite-key: “SSL” to  “SSL-pt”

3) Change metadata of all units

  •  :cite-key: “SSL:1e1” to  “SSL:1e1-pt”
  •  If you have just a few translated units from book, add to
    ends of all unit-titles “:noexport:”

4) Copy block of translated text to unit and delete :noexport:
5) Set text code to  Unicode UTF-8 no BOM
6) Set ends of lines to UNIX format
7) Save file to national folder