Starting a member site

To create a member site, we are now looking for the following: At least 1 article already written, a 2-3 line bio of the author, a nice picture of the author, a sample ‘welcome to my site’ introductory paragraph that we can add to the front page. If we have all of this, then already the user has the beginnings of a nice site with just one article.

What kind of content should I put on there?

Personal stories and experiences, creative stories and poetry, humour, life-observances – all good!

Do people have to go to my member site to see my articles?

No – they should also appear on the site of the country you belong to. In addition, we try to feature good articles so they can appear on other country and member sites that share the same language, and also on our other sites (eg Radio and TV).

What should I put on the front page?

Thats up to you – a front page introduction is good, with maybe a listing of your most recent articles