Why add news items?

Adding 5 or 6 news items a year gives the user a feeling of a dynamic centre. However, if you do want to have a news section, then be sure to add news items every so often. A site that has not had news items added for many years looks stale and out of date

News items are displayed on the /news page and on page sidebars. They can also be added to pages via shortcode listings.

Adding news items

There is an ‘add news items’ link on the grey bar at the top. In addition to the normal page, there are also some other things to add.

  • Featured image – this is obligatory and should be at least 800×600 pixels
  • Location (optional) you only need to add the city, the country should have been already added
  • Category (optional)

Converting existing pages to news item

Many pages on the site are actually news items from years ago. They can be converted to news items from the ‘Manage content’ link in the grey sidebar, by selecting them and selecting ‘Convert page to news item’ in the options