• Display pages are used to create a nice experience for prominent pages of the site that many people will visit. In most cases, there will be no more than 2 or 3 of these per country site (although you are free to create as many as you want if you have the time!)
  • Rather than one long paragraph – display pages are broken up into alternating ‘blue’ and ‘grey’ sections. These sections can either consist of text and image or video, or listings.
  • The aim is to create a more visual reading experience for important pages, and also one that we can make work on multiple devices. Also if the visitor isn’t immediately confronted with one big long block of text, there is a greater chance they might actually read the page right through to the end.
Example of nice display page: History of Marathon Team on the US site

Converting existing pages to display pages

  • Press the convert to display page button, either in the toolbar or in the Fix unsorted content link in the grey bar.
  • Important note: when the conversion is finished, all you will see is empty space! However when you edit the page, you will still be able to access the old body text, and paste parts of it into the different sections if you need.

Adding content to the display page

 For each section, you first have to choose the section type. You options are discussed below

Single paragraph and image

You can add a paragraph of text here (or 2 or 3 short paragraphs, as long as the number of characters is less than 500. You can also optionally add a section title.
If you upload an image, the website will crop it to a different size depending on whether it is in a grey or blue section. We would recommend that (if you can) you prepare and crop the images to the proper sizes using a photo editor like Photoshop, because then you have more control over the final image.
There is a selection of images that you can use already:
  • click on the file browser above the upload button.
  • Navigate to the display-images folder just below the <root> folder
  • Browse through the images, pick one and press ‘select’.
  • The images with filenames that end in blue are custom made for the blue section, and the ones that end with grey are custom made for the grey section.

Single paragraph and video

Add the text as described above in the ‘Single paragraph and image’ section.
For the video, you just need to add the Vimeo URL and the embed will happen automatically.
You can access the vimeo url of the video you want in a few ways:
  • by clicking the ‘Embed link’ of a video in srichinmoy.tv and copying the URL or
  • viewing the video on our Vimeo site (or any other vimeo) and copying the page URL.
  • We have the Vimeo URLs of some recommended videos here
There are two main sizes for videos used on our sites – 4:3 for older videos, and 16:9 for newer ones. You can distinguish them on srichinmoy.tv, as the 4:3 videos are much more square.
We recommend that 4:3 videos be used in grey (odd) sections of the site and 16:9 videos in the blue (even) sections.

Listings (automatic and manual)

You can place listings in a display page section. These can be manually generated, or automatically generated links to articles events, or results.
This is most commonly used on the front page, so we have placed all the help information for adding listings there
If you are not on the front page, then there is not so much reason to use listings. Cases where you might use listings include:
  • At the end of a page to give people access to related content on the page
  • In the middle of the page to emphasise a point. For example you could emphasise our positive media coverage by creating a manual listing of media articles, or automatic listing of articles in the Media category