This page pertains to editing regular pages on the site. If you are interested in using the frontpage that the English site uses, please see this page.

Site structure

Rearranging pages – The content is laid out in a ‘book’ structure, where pages can be placed ‘under’ another page. For example, the Concerts, United Nation pages etc are placed under the Service section. The rearrange child pages link allows you to rearrange all the pages under the current page via drag and drop.

If you add a page, by default it will be ‘under’ the page you were on.

Top menu items – The menu items are controlled by the book structure – the links are the first 5 pages under the home page.

  • To change it, go to the home page and click on rearrange child pages.
  • If your site has many pages, the mechanism is a little cumbersome. If you are having trouble with this, get in touch with an admin

Editing a page

Menu titles – Sometimes a page title is too long to fit in top menu or side menu. If so, then put the page title in the ‘Page title’ field, and put the shorter menu title in the ‘Title’ field.

Adding audio and video – The easiest way is to paste in link from Radio Sri Chinmoy or from Vimeo. You can also add a caption by using shortcode

    • [audio url=”…” caption=”…”]
    • [video url=”” caption=”..”]