1. Lost Password / Can’t login

– send regular email to help@vasudevaserver.org. State

  • Your Full Name:
  • Give alternative email address.

2. How to Change Password

See: How to Change Password

3. How to Change Name in  MMS. If you name appears as lowercase, you can capitalise it by choosing – settings – compose.

Then set  – From adress, to whatever you want.

Picture 1_0.png

here you can also set a signature.

4. My Account is Over Quota

  • You will need to delete messages and empty trash.
  • Don’t forget to delete messages from Sent mail folder.
  • Note: Some messages may contain large attachments. Three messages with 10mb attachment will take you to 30MB. – Download (Save As) any attachment and don’t store in mailbox

5. There are problems loading messages. Mail is Slow

This is probably a temporary server issue. Try later. Also see: Problems loading mail

6. Change Password in email Client (iPhone / Thunderbird e.t.c)