You can display latest items from Races, Radio or TV sites

Radio and TV

From radio sites: [othersites url=”” imageshow=”all” excerpt=”true” limit=”3″ title=”Recently released music on Radio Sri Chinmoy”]

Sri Chinmoy Races

With Races, you can display upcoming events and latest results, from a country site or from all sites

[othersites url=” york” imageshow=”all” title=”Upcoming races in the next few months…”]

[othersites url=”” limit=”5″ title=”Upcoming events:”]


url – this depends on the type of content you want to show

  • For Radio:
  • For TV:
  • For Races global upcoming events and latest results
  • For Races upcoming events from a country e.g uk and
  • For races upcoming events from a city

title, limit – Add a title or specify number of items (default: 7)

imageshow – Whether to show images. Choice is: none (default), first (displays only first image) or all

excerpt – whether to show a description with each item (for Radio and TV)