Pages created after Jan 2014

From the dashboard go to the link under  ‘Import 2014 content from old site’, and check if the page is there and migrate it if so. The page will then show up in the ‘Unsorted content’ page for you to categorise. If not, someone might have already migrated it, so follow the ‘pages created before…’ steps below.

If your page was created recently and is not there, please let us know and we can update the migration database.

Pages created before Jan 2014

If your page was created before Jan 2014, it exists on the new site too, unless it was accidentally deleted. We just need to track it down.

We have put the old site up at, so we can use this to track the missing pages. Note that this testing site is only for Marathon Team members to check places, so please don’t link to it from the live site!

To find your page follow these steps

  • Visit the page in the old site and note the URL for example
  • Enter that URL in the new site i.e

Often the page got mistakenly assigned to another event or year, so now you can just edit it and reassign it.

Hmm…that didn’t work! I get a page not found.
Try this instead.

  • Log into the old site and go to the edit page of the missing page, and copy the URL. This is always of the form /node/{some_number}/edit
  • Now visit the same edit page on the new site{some_number}/edit. The chances are that, again, it was assigned improperly to some other event, date or category. So fix this and you should be fine.

If the second step doesn’t work, then the page was probably deleted. Try recreating it again by pasting from the old site.