Examples of markdown syntax for library.

Headings and sub-headings

  • H2 ##
  • H3 ###
  • H4 ####


For ordinary paragraphs. just leave a blank line between text

For a hard line break, that is, forcing a new line, just put a backslash followed by a new line.


Sri Chinmoy \
New York, 1995


To make italics we use _before and after text to be italicised_


A quote from _Beyond Within_ by Sri Chinmoy

Poem syntax

If it is poetry, it should go in a triple ``` block.


My Lord,
I came to You with empty hands,
But You have discovered
My empty heart, too.

A verse block does not mean “this is poetry”, but rather “treat this block exactly as it is”.


To show a quote we use >   (Previous [BEGIN_QUOTE]


The poet sang:

> I slept and dreamed that life was Beauty. \
> I woke and found that life was Duty.

> – John Keats

Listing syntax

If there is a listing in a book (e.g. using dots), the Store uses a hyphen (one single “minus” sign -).

- item 1
- item 2
- etc

No spacing between the items is needed.

Endnote (footnote) syntax

1. A single unit

## [unit_number]. Unit title[^unit_number]

Body of unit …

[^unit_number]: unit_number. Text of endnote.



### 2. I have offered, I have received[^2]

… Body of unit …

[^2]: 2. International Fair of Philosophies and Religions, Montreal, 6 April 1978.


2. To more units

### 13. Question: Text of question[^13-18]

…body of text…

[^13-18]: 13-18. 16 and 26 November 1976.

Fleuron syntax


[Previous {{{fleuron}}}]:

End of a file

Although not indispensable, it is important to have a newline (blank line) at the end of a file.


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