For Radio and TV, we have Excel files containing some of the post popular pages on the site – you can translate many pages at once just by translating this file, and then send back to us to import it.The file has 4 columns – ID (dont change this), full content, excerpt, and URL. The excerpt is what appears when a page is listed on the frontpage.

Some points:

  • You definitely dont need to do precise translation – if you feel that something useful could be added to the text, or something left out, then please use your judgement.
  • The <!–more–> tag is not super important, unless you want to have a post slideshow on front page of site (eg Recent posts on English site). If you do have a slidehow, the part above <!–more> appears in the slideshow
  • Don’t worry too much about the html code – if in doubt just leave it alone. Some basic knowledge is useful but not essential. Someone can clean things up after the import.
  • You dont have to translate the whole file at once, but we recommend at least 30 pages to start with.
  • You can translate what ever posts you want. If you dont want to translate a post, just delete the row in the Excel file. For example (depending on your country) you may not want to translate pages containing audio/video of talks in English.
    However, for many videos of Sri Chinmoy talking in English, Patanga has also prepared the captioning files, so please get in touch with him of you need that. In this way, you can translate the post in the Excel file, and also upload video with subtitles. If you do upload video, add the url of the new video in the fifth column of the excel file, and let us know. (You can also just upload text for now, and then do the video subtitles in 2nd phase)
  • The excel file could be split between people for a nice team project

When the file is submitted, please send it and we can import. Then all we need to do is make a home page and a page about Sri Chinmoy, and that is enough to put the site live.