Races site users: see note

Files can be uploaded whilst editing a page in the exact same way that images can.

You can access your filesystem in 2 ways:

  • press the ‘Link’ button (the globe and chain) and press ‘Browse Server’ to go to your filesystem
  • press the ‘Image’ button (the picture) – this will take you directly to your filesystem

Navigate to the folder where you want to put your file, press ‘Upload’ and upload your file.

Uploading and Linking

You can upload and link to files at the same time:

  • First type the text of the download link (eg ‘Race Results of 24 hr Race text (pdf)).
  • Then highlight the text and press the ‘Link’ button.
  • Press ‘Browse Server’ and navigate to the folder where you want to place the pdf.
  • Press ‘Upload’, select the file from your desktop, and upload it. At the moment, only PDF filetypes are supported.
  • Finally, press ‘Insert’, followed by ‘OK’ to link your text/image.

Note for Races site users

if you are adding files to the Races site, they will usually take the form of entry forms or race result PDFs, which are much easier to upload:

  • Entry forms can be uploaded using the ‘How to Enter’ (pink) section on the event page. Right now only one form can be uploaded per race in this way, so if you need more than one, you may need instead to upload using the method above.
  • Race result PDF’s can be uploaded to the ‘Add results’ section of a ‘race results/reports’ page