I can’t see how to add headings.

Sometimes only one row of buttons is exposed in the text editor. If you press the button on the very right (that says show/hide kitchen sink when you hover over it) then a second row will appear – the headers will be included here.

We have a big blank space down the right hand side of every page. What are the options for how we can use that space?

You have a few options:

  • You can use the Page Builder to take full control of the page layout
  • Add content to the sidebars. See: Adding sidebars and footers
  • You can make the page fill the full width by editing it, and selecting Full Width under page layout. However, the other 2 options are preferable to this.

How do we have text wrapping around a picture?

When you add an image using the ‘Add media’ button and upload an image, you will get a chance to left/right/center align it before you add it to the page. If you want to change alignment after you add it, then hover over the image. You will see a pencil icon – click on this to go to a screen where you can resize or align the image.

As a rule of thumb: if an image takes up less then 40-50% of the text width, then wrap the text around it. If it is bigger, then centre it using the paragraph centre button.

When I press return, I get a big space between the 2 lines, but I don’t want that. I want a simple line break

To get a line break instead of a paragraph break, press Shift & Return at the same time.

Advice on linking to external sites

It is good to link to external sites, but bear in mind a couple of things:

  • visitors don’t like being suddenly taken away from page without warning. Give some hint that they are about to visit another site. Examples:
    can be viewed here (external site)
    visit the Sri Chinmoy Centre website
  • Visitors may want to come back to your site; therefore you should open all links to external sites in a new tab. You can do this by clicking on the gear icon in the link diaogue, and then checking the open link in new tab