As well as results and events, we are also looking for articles for the races site to give visitors to our sites a better experience.

Types of articles to write:

a) Expand your race reports – include at least a paragraph or two! The result pages look very bare if there is no writing. If it is worth putting on, then surely it is worth writing something about. Of course, sometimes you might need to upload a file quickly after the race, but please do come back and write something more when you have time!

examples of good race reports:

b) Expert advice. If you have an area of expertise – marathoner, ultra runner, Channel swimmer, medical or health – why not write an article that would be interesting to someone in that field? If you are inspired, you could even write a nice series of articles that we could put in its own section.


c) Stories from our races. If you participated in or helped organise a race, then you can write about your race experience! This also goes for events that happened a long time ago.


d) Self Transcendence stories – especially inspiring! Stories from both athletes and helpers welcome. It doesn’t have to be about recent events, it can also be reliving memories of events that happened a long time ago


e) Fun things we did together as a team – this definitely helps give a human face and convey a family feeling


f) Articles that might inspire the reader, such as
– What sports/athletics/fitness has taught you personally
– The spiritual benefits of running
– I meditate every day. So why should I start running?
– How to stay cheerful when doing a marathon

Smarana 3100 interview:

Mentioning Sri Chinmoy in our articles:

Of course, we would also like give the reader a connection with Guru through our articles if it is possible. Most of the time it can be done in a very natural way, without sounding forced. Here are some ideas:

– maybe an anecdote from Guru’s life
– advice Guru has given on the topic you are writing about
– begin or end the article with an inspiring aphorism

As with many things, the best way is just to start and learn as you go along. Good luck!