You can embed listings of members, which include a short member bio plus links to stories, audio, video and gallery.

example: [users tid=”meditation” limit=”3″ title=”Meet some of our class-givers” description=”For Sri Chinmoy’s students,…etc etc”]

They can be added using shortcodes, which is basically some text inside square brackets which specify what kind of thing should be added. For those unfamiliar with shortcodes, you can first read over this page here. The main thing – if you are not sure, or run into trouble, ask us!

Note that the user profiles themselves are mainly created and edited either by administrators or by the member themselves, and therefore cant be edited (We are of course happy to entertain suggested changes)


These are really best suited for listings of worldwide members. Unless you have a really big centre or country, you might be better off making manual listings

Shortcode options

  • tid – this limits the selection to members associated with a particular category. (The actual association of members with a category this happens at at the admin level, and is assigned depending on the stories/videos/gallery pictures associated with the member, rather than on an assessment of the member’s actual talents)
  • title – the title of the listing eg latest News
  • description – a subheading for the listing
  • limit – the number of items in the listing
  • excludeuser – remove a particular user from the listing
  • class – by default, the listings will be shown 3-wide on full width pages and 2-wide on regular page. Adding the class sidebar-right will make it appear at the right hand side of full width pages