From March 2016, all articles, results and race reports get added using the same ‘Results/race reports/articles’ edit form, which is accessible from the top grey bar. This is not as big a change as it sounds:

  • If a page is assigned to an event and given a past date, it appears in the previous results for that event, just like the old race result/report page
  • If a page is assigned a category, it behaves just like the old article pages.
  • As before, a page can be assigned to both an event and a category.

You need to assign the page to an event and/or a category so it can be easily reachable.

Assigning to event

Select the event and give a past date (you only need to be specific to the month, which is useful for assigning really old events)
Every event has an associated ‘Results’ listing page that displays all the results/race reports that have been associated with that page – so your content will automatically appear there.

Adding results

You can add results in the following ways:
  • You can upload pdf’s in the upload result field
  • You can convert result table to HTML and paste into the ‘Body’ section

Adding photos

  • Opening slideshow: You can add up to 10 images in a slideshow. It is important that these images be landscape so they can be cropped to fit the slideshow.
  • Link to gallery: once you add images to the Races gallery, you can place a link here that people can follow

What about other content related a particular race?

Frequently you might also want to add content that isn’t exactly a result or a race report – e.g stories by participants, or media items, or even latest news updates before or during the race.
You can do this by assigning the page to the event and setting the correct date, but also assigning it to a category. As well as appearing on article listings, the articles will now also appear on the results page for that event alongside the results. The results will have a white background and these categorised articles will have a grey background.

When should I assign a category?

 If no category is assigned, the page will only appear on the results page of the event they are attached to.

In contrast, a single article can be seen in many different places on the site. For example, a page attached to an event AND given a category will appear in the ‘Results’ listing of the event they are assigned to, but they will also appear in the category page for the category they are listed under. For example an article tagged Latest News will appear in the News (/news) section of the site, and articles tagged Race stories will also appear in the ‘Race stories’ (/stories) page. More about categories »

So in deciding whether to categorise or not, you should be thinking about what you want your category page to look like and whether your page is a good fit there.

In addition – if your article is good enough we might be able to feature it across all our websites. We are on the lookout for good articles. Ideas for articles »

Displaying Author information

 To display the author name under the title of results, you can check ‘Display result author info’ under the Domain settings tab, with a link to the author bio if it is there.
The ‘author bio’ consists of a short 1-paragraph profile and photo (that can be filled in from the Dashboard), we would really encourage people to fill this in. One of the things that was asked of us in our internet project, was to enable the visitor see a little bit about our members, especially to see their faces. So we feel that this is an easy way for this to happen.