Important: When you begin to use the site, and after making a change to the contact form, make sure to test the form to be sure that everything happens as expected.

Viewing entries on Contact Forms

  • Click on Forms on left hand sidebar, then click on Entries. This brings you to a table you can view and download entries from the site.
  • If you have more than one form, you can hover over the form title, and click on the ‘Entries’ link for that form
  • In the Entries table, if you can’t see when the entry was submitted – here’s how to fix that…

Downloading Entries

  • Tip: If you just want to print off the names on the Entries screen, you dont need to download. You can just highlight the whole table and copy (ctrl+C) all entries into a Word document. Make sure to copy whole table. and paste
  • If you do want to download all entries into Excel format, then go to Import/Export:

You can select the columns you wish to download (for example, you might not want superflous info such as entry id, ip etc.)

To Receive Email Notification of new entries

Just go to forms – notifications, and select enable email notification to administrators. You can ignore the message about the email domain needing to be the same.

Note: you will only recieve notification that you have recieved a submission. As per Sri Chinmoy’s wishes, you still have to visit the site to see the actual message and who sent it.


Editing your forms

  • Click on Forms and select the form to edit. You can add different types of form fields to your form, by dragging them over from the right. To edit an existing field, just click edit (the down arrow  )in top right corner.
  • If your country is covered by privacy laws, you should add some information about how the information will be used – read our page on data protection and privacy. Bear in mind that all contact details collected will be automatically deleted from our servers after 6 months.
  • The text of the Submit button for each form can be changed by going to Settings > Form Settings.
  • You should also pay attention to what happens when people press Submit – by default, it reloads the same page with some additional text, which is a little confusing. Our advice would be to create a new page with some additional information (and even some resources that they can access before the next class) and then set that page as your confirmation
  • For more detailed information about contact forms, this is a good help page from the makers of the contact form plugin we use (Gravity Forms)

Additional notes:

  • Phone number Since phone number is in USA format, its not recommended adding phone number directly unless you come from US, and even then it should come with note of explanation. For other countries its best to add a simple text line for phone.
  • Spam prevention We do have some spam prevention on the site, and in Settings > custom options you can also choose to send mails containing links straight to the spam folder


Adding Date to Contact Entries

One small glitch when you look at the list of Entries for each form is, by default, you can’t immediately see when the entry was submitted. To change this – on the top right, there is a little edit icon that looks like a gear,

By selecting this, it will open up a list of inactive fields you can add into the form. Select Entry Date and drag across.