Stories and videos by members are a very important part of the Centre site, and now they exist as their own content type. This allows us to make them available to users in many different locations.

Stories are very much like pages, and co-exist in the book structure. The difference is that stories can be added to story listings on the front page and other prominent pages.

Adding stories and videos

The link to create stories and videos is available from the grey bar, if the user has the permissions. If not, then please let us know 🙂


  • It is very important to set the proper author. Which country the story appears in depends on the author.
  • The featured image is obligatory and needs to be 600×800
  • For videos, the main text only needs to be a couple of sentences long
  • For videos, obviously the video url needs to be filled in. For now, only videos from Vimeo will render properly.

Converting pages to stories

Many pages on the existing site should really be stories. You can concert them by going to manage content link in the grey bar, selecting the items and selecting ‘convert page to story’

Making stories and videos viewable from the front page

The best way to make stories viewable from the front page, and other pages is via a shortcode listing of stories.

A selection of stories and videos will also be available from the footer of many pages.