On important pages like the front page, people often will not read a lot of text, and sometimes a picture plus a succinct title and description will get the message across much more effectively.

The images stretch the full width of the screen can take a long time to load on smaller devices, we need to also specify smaller images to be used for mobile and tablet. We do this using shortcodes, which is basically some text inside square brackets which specify what kind of thing should be added. For those unfamiliar with shortcodes, you can first read over this page here. The main thing – if you are not sure, or run into trouble, ask us!


We have some premade examples here you can copy and modify

[fullwidth desktopimg=”/files/www/display/antarik.jpg” tabletimg=”/files/www/display/antarik-tablet.jpg” mobileimg=”/files/www/display/antarik-mobile.jpg” description=”Free meditation classes, concerts, peace initiatives, sports and cultural events – all geared towards self-discovery and inner fulfilment.” morelink=”#more” title=”Working towards a Oneness-World”]

With select list of cities offering meditation classes: [fullwidth desktopimg=”/files/www/display/antarik.jpg” tabletimg=”/files/www/display/antarik-tablet.jpg” mobileimg=”/files/www/display/antarik-mobile.jpg” description=”We offer free meditation classes and concerts in all of Australia’s big cities.” selectlabel=”Find a class:” morelink=”#more” moretext=”or find out more »” title=”Learn to meditate with the Sri Chinmoy Centre” select=”meditation”]

[fullwidth desktopimg=”/files/www/display/songs-soul.jpg” tabletimg=”/files/www/display/songs-soul-tablet.jpg” mobileimg=”/files/www/display/songs-soul-mobile.jpg” title=”Songs of the Soul” description=”We arrange and perform Sri Chinmoy’s meditation music, and offer free concerts to the general public” section_id=”music” morelink=”/music”]


[fullwidth desktopimg=”/files/www/display/running.jpg” tabletimg=”/files/www/display/running-tablet.jpg”  section_id=”sport” mobileimg=”/files/www/display/running-mobile.jpg” title=”Sports and spirituality” description=”Our teacher believed that sport and meditation were perfect complements; we participate in and organise sports events around the world.” morelink=”/content/athletics” class=”textlower”]


  • general options – title, description, morelink, moretext, section_id (explained on this page)
  • class – adding the option class=”textlower” will cause the textbox to appear in the lower right
  • select – You can also add a select element, for example to show a list of meditation classes in your country  (this is the only practical option at the moment) – using select=”meditation”
  • selectlabel – adds an opening text to the select, for example ‘Find a class’