Frequently asked questions

How to change your password

Click Settings/Password and follow instructions.

Note: If you don’t know your password or can’t login, you can request a New Password

My Account is Over Quotadisc-space

  • Disc space is indicated at the bottom of the sidebar.
  • When you get close to your limit, you will need to delete messages and empty trash.
  • Attachments take up the most disc-space. If you don’t want to delete messages, you can save the attachments to computer and then click on Remove


  • When cleaning up your messages, a good place to start is your Sent mail folder. If you have sent message with large attachments, you probably already have a copy of those attachments on your computer and so you can remove them from mms
  • To make it quicker to trash messages, you can select all message at once, by clicking top left




Using folders

To open folders, click on arrow to the right of folders.

To move messages from inbox to a folder. Drag and drop the selected messages

Editing folders


Click on edit folders.

  • You can create new folders,
  • Rename folders
  • and move them around by drag and drop

Footer signature

This can be set in Settings/Password.

Work in progress….

  1. Folders – ability to add and move folders. And ability to add messages to custom folders
  2. Address book