This page describes the process of creating a new site on for books in a different language.

  1. Download the Seafile client and create a copy of the library on your computer
  2. Create 7 translated books in the proper format
  3. You will then be given access to the website itself, and you can update pages such as the front page and the ‘Sri Chinmoy’ page.

1. The Seafile Repository

To add the books on the website, you will not be editing the site directly. Instead, we use ‘repository’ where you will add files, one file for each book. Repositories are very useful because they allow us to keep a note of changes, and also to go back to previous versions. We use a program called Seafile to allow us to make changes on our computer. Read our Seafile page »

2. Creating files for books

We will give you read access to our English repository so you can see what the files look like, and use it as a guide to prepare your own translation. Please also read our page on how to format the book files.

Your first job is to produce 7 translated files in the proper format – that way we can start the site off with a substantial amount of content. (Of course, if you wish, you can send us some initial files to look over to make sure the format is right)

3. Creating your country website

Once you send the translated files to us, we will make your country site on and give you access.

4. Copying files from English to your foreign language

It can save some time to copy files from English folder, and make small adjustments so they work for your language – this can be more precise than starting from scratch. There is a help page here