Displays a full width map, with pins containing popup links to different pages. By default a global map is displayed.

Example: [map tid=”meditation”]

(Note: the map view should not be with the worldmap display of stories/videos – more information on that display here)

Shortcode options:

  • tid – this is obligatory. Right now the only one that makes sense is meditation. But we do want to expand to enterprises, sport, concert. (The map only includes pages with the ‘include on map’ checkbox ticked and assigned to this category)
  • zoom – the zoom level
  • center – this is latitude and longtitude of the map.

Finding the right zoom and center of the map

You can find zoom and centre by trial and error, but there is a better way:

  • Go to openstreetmap.org and position the map there until it looks roughly like what you want
  • Click on the info icon on the fight. The ‘Geo info’ contains the centre coordinates and zoom. For example the map below, has geo info – geo:40.238,-7.284?z=6¬† which means a centre of 40.238,-7.284 and a zoom of 6.

  • You can then modify your shortcode as follows: [map tid=”meditation”¬†centre=”40.238,-7.284″ zoom=”6″]