Displays a full width map, with pins containing popup links to different pages (meditation class pages by default). By default a global map is displayed.

Example: [map] by default this displays all meditation class pages

(Note: the map view should not be confused with the worldmap display of stories/videos – more information on that display here)

Shortcode options:

  • select – adds search box for pages to top of map
  • label – placeholder text for search box
  • zoom – the zoom level
  • center – this is latitude and longtitude of the map.

Finding the right zoom and center of the map

You can find zoom and centre by trial and error, but there is a better way:

  • Go to openstreetmap.org and position the map there until it looks roughly like what you want
  • Click on the info icon on the fight. The ‘Geo info’ contains the centre coordinates and zoom. For example the map below, has geo info – geo:40.238,-7.284?z=6¬† which means a centre of 40.238,-7.284 and a zoom of 6.

  • You can then modify your shortcode as follows: [map tid=”meditation”¬†centre=”40.238,-7.284″ zoom=”6″]