• To set the title in the header Customize > Site identity > Site Name

Front page content

On the front page of the site there is a nice banner image, title, text and a link to read more

This image/text can be modified in 2 ways:

  • Creating a featured posts slideshow (see below)
  • Go to Customize > Front page image

Featured posts slideshow

  • For every page you want to feature, tag it as featured and add a featured image

Top area

  • You can set an area above the header menu which is always visible on all pages. This is good for a link to the classes you are currently advertising, or a number to call. Customize > Site identity > Top area

Title and description for search engines

We can influence the text that search engines show when they list our site; a nice title or description might encourage more people to click on the link to our site.

  • For the front page, you can go to Customize > Search engines and fill in a title and description to use.
  • For each page or post, we can create a customized title and description. seo_title and seo_description
  • If you dont fill these in for every page, dont worry too much – we try to automatically create some sensible text to use
  • This is a good article about the  Search engine description and why and how you should use it