This page describes how to change themes, and what to do if you want a completely new design.

Changing Themes

You site has a number of existing themes (site designs) you can choose from. The theme can be changed from the Dashboard menu on the left:  Appearance » Themes. Select the theme you would like, and press Activate.


  • You may get a white screen with some error, but dont worry, the change has gone through already.
  • You may need to revisit the Widgets and Menus section to check everything is OK. On menus, it should be a simple matter of reassigning theme to top menu.
  • With widgets, your old widgets might be in an inactive sidebar. Just paste them back to where they were.

Designing new themes

We are encouraging people to come up with new themes and designs. You don’t need to know too much about design – in fact if you can create good meditation posters using Photoshop or InDesign, then that might be enough to create a good theme.

If you would like to make a new design or change an existing one, please get in touch! We can advise you in different ways, depending on how much of a design change you want to make.

Technical details of creating a completely new design:
All our newest themes are built on a base theme (Divi) that we can give you, along with a sample child theme that contains some custom code shared by all our sites. Most of the themes we have had so far have been made simply by adapting the style.css file, so it is possible to make a new theme by simple css. For further explanations, please get in touch!