This page describes: 1. how to change themes 2. other design tweaks you can do 3. what to do if you want a completely new design.

Changing Themes

You site has a number of existing themes (site designs) you can choose from. The theme can be changed from the Dashboard menu on the left:  Appearance » Themes. Select the theme you would like, and press Activate.


  • Some people report that the screen goes white when they do this, but if it happens, dont worry, the change has gone through already.
  • You may need to revisit the Widgets and Menus sections to check everything is OK. On menus, it should be a simple matter of reassigning theme to top menu. With widgets, your old widgets might be in an inactive sidebar. Just drag them back to where they were.

Design tweaks

  • In the Dhyana theme, you can choose from different font and colour schemes in the Customize page. Read more…
  • You can also create your own colour schemes with a little css knowledge. This can be a quick way to have a theme that matches your current poster design.

Designing new themes

If you can create good meditation posters using Photoshop or InDesign, then that might be enough to create a good theme. If you would like to make a new design or change an existing one, please get in touch! We can advise you in different ways, depending on how much of a design change you want to make.