(Note: you need to have a ‘user manager’ role for this)

Members on the site can have a profile with a short biography, video audio gallery and links to stories. These can then be used on different sections of the site: 1) ‘About the author’ section for stories 2) listings of members associated with members sport etc. Here is how to create those profiles:

Searching for individual members

  • On the black menu at the top select People » Manage users » Search for users
  • Enter the first few letters of the name into the ‘Name’ field, the autocomplete should return the complete name. Select the name and then press ‘Apply’
  • The information for the user should then come up. Press ‘edit’ to edit the user’s information. Sometimes more than one mention of a user will come up if he is assigned to multiple domains – in this case it doesn’t matter which ‘edit’ link you click

Editing member information

Domain access

There are 3 fields here:

  • Domains a user can edit – This is the domains a user has editing permission over (not that they also need domain editor or domain manager role). When adding new domains, use Ctrl + Click (or Cmd + click) to ensure you don’t unset existing domains.
  • Personal web site – This links the user to their personal website. You should leave this set at ‘None’ if the user doesn’t have a personal website, or the personal site doesnt have quality content.
  • Country site – This links the user to their country site. You need to link this in order for members to show up in listings for your country. Also, if the user also has a personal website, linking to this will enable visitors to easily go back and forth between member sites and country sites.

Biographical info

  • Picture – this is needed in order for the member to appear in listings. This should preferably be portrait, and be a smiling face looking straight into the camera
  • User interests – You can select a maximum of 2 interests. Please only select an interest if the member has content related to that interest. This is because users may possibly show up on category pages related to the interests they have selected e.g the meditation classes page.
  • Location – this is used to generate coordinates in maps, and also to find other users and content from the same city/country. Please enter the name of the city in English (you can enter the native language in the Native language fields)


  • Add audio or video in the same way as for regular pages


The idea here is to upload pictures as a ‘gateway’ to the user’s main gallery on http://gallery.srichinmoycentre.org

  • Upload pictures: You can upload 10 pictures – try to upload least 7 to make it look full. They will be resized to 700 pixels wide, so its best to upload in landscape form.
  • Include a link to the member Gallery. Please include the full URL – this will open in a seperate tab.

Native language fields

These will replace the English text for the country that the user is assigned to, on the (Note: in the new design, this may not be fully operational. We are waiting to see if there is any demand for it)

Settings and permissions

  • User status – if blocked, the user will not be able to log in to the site. IF taking this action, please also inform a site admin.
  • User role –  domain editors can create content, but it has to be moderated prior to approval. Domain managers have full permissions over the country site or member site, and can edit all content there.

Creating listings of members

Once you create a profile, you will want to add it to the site. This is done via shortcode – see here…