Getting a password to edit the site

  • Find out more from our central login help page
  • please get in touch via phone or mms, or mail at if any issues

So – where should I start?

If you just want to get a basic site up and running as quickly as possible, then

or you want to create the best meditation site in your city (please pick this one!)

  • Get some ideas – here are some good ideas other sites have done
  • Make a plan What kind of a site would you, as a seeker like to visit? This is the kind of site you should aim to build for the seekers in your city!
What you can achieve: Some of our sites bring about 13.000+ visitors per month or around 100+ seekers to our classes every month or two months: eg and . Both of them were started from zero, having around 5-20 people coming to classes, and nowadays we always have more than 100 people in our classes – 80% or more from the sites. The typical age group of seekers coming to the classes is 18-35 years old.

Creating a basic site

Fill in the home page

  • Your new home page should come with a page builder template inviting you to insert content into different places. However, you are not obliged to use it. However, you are not obliged to use it. If you would like to just start with a simple page, then edit the front page and press ‘use default page’


  • The page builder is very good for helping us make modern mobile-friendly sites, but it can be a bit tricky to manage for people who are not familiar with making websites – so don’t be afraid to ask for help! If necessary at the beginning, you can even give us the relevant content in a document and we can add it in for you. (However, we don’t want get stuck with regular updates every time you need to make changes, so we can definitely show you how to do that)
  • If the page builder is too much, we can remove it entirely and just have a single page where you can put your information

Write 3 important pages – About, Sri Chinmoy and Our Classes.

To begin – try and add at least 3 paragraphs about each, you can always fill out more later.

You can look at other pages for inspiration and you can translate things you like in your own language (if it hasn’t been done already somewhere else) – but please don’t copy! It will hurt both your site and the site you are copying from in search rankings.

Further Reading