Note: This is for our themes that are based on the Divi theme builder (Inspire, Discover, Tokyo, Australia). If you are using our most recent Dhyana theme, the help page is here.

One feature of the Page Builder is the ability to use ‘Libraries’ to load pre-made content layouts. We have created quite a few pre-made layouts you might find useful. All you need to do is add your own writing.

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How to add a pre-made layout

There are 2 types of layouts that we have pre-made: page layouts and section layouts (there are also row and module layouts, but we haven’t made any of those)

Adding a page layout

Press the ‘Load from Library’ button at the top of the page

A window will come up with two tabs – ‘Predefined Layouts‘ containing layouts made by the theme creators, and ‘Add to Library‘ containing layouts made by us. A lot of the layouts in ‘Predefined Layouts’ are not that relevant to us.

Press Load to load the layout that you want. Note: if you have existing content on the page you want to keep, you should uncheck the ‘Replace the existing content with loaded layout checkbox‘, so the new layout gets added to the existing content, rather than replacing it.

Your layout will then be loaded, and you can start replacing the placeholder text with your own writing.

Tip: You can edit and publish the page section by section, by temporarily disabling the sections that are not yet ready to go live.

Adding a section layout

Below each section there is a link: Add from Library

You can then choose from a list of pre-made sections, which can be filtered by category

You can also save your own sections to the library for use on other pages. For example, this comes in useful if you need to create pages in different languages.

Examples of pre-made content

See this page here…

Contributing layouts to the meditation sites project

If you have made a page or section layout which you think would be useful to other meditation sites, let us know! We can take it and substitute place holder text for the user to add, so there is no duplication of content.