We have been developing a new version of SriChinmoyRaces.org.

How to log in

First (if you haven’t switched your site yet) you will need to point your site to the new site:

Go to http://www.srichinmoycentre.org/user. You will be redirected to our central login server where you enter the same password as for the old races site. Then you will be taken to a page on the races site where you can see all the events you can edit.

Checklist for site editors

All the old content is kept and will continue to to be accessible at the same URL. However the old ‘book’ navigation is being replaced (it is still temporarily there for logged in users to help you find content) and new layouts are being created for the front page, important pages such as ‘About’ and ‘Sri Chinmoy’, events, results and articles.

This is what you need to do to your site to get it ready for live:

  1. Change the global settings for your country site. You can do this using the top Domain settings link – this page contains more about the different settings
  2. Translate all the text on your site (for non-English) – see more »
  3. Make sure all your events are updated – see page on editing events
  4. Add categories for your articles. Aside from events and results, most of the rest of the content on the site will be articles. These need to be categorised so visitors can find them easily.
  5. Move all existing content to its proper place. When the events and categories have all been set up, the next thing is to head to the ‘unsorted content’ page – this page will allow you to quickly assign pages as results, or tag articles. In this way you can deal with up to 100 pages at a time. More information »
  6. Set up the front page
  7. Convert important pages to Display Pages, and add content to them – see this page here

This sounds like quite a lot – however, not all of these steps need to be done 100% before live. Here is a suggested minimum amount of content for the site to go live:

  • All the event pages finished for each of your events
  • The front page, About and Sri Chinmoy pages created
  • Category pages for 1 or 2 important categories that we can feature on the top menu of the site – e.g. Latest News or Traingin Tips etc
  • In the ‘unsorted content’ page, assign results to each event for the last 2 or 3 years and enough articles to fill up your categories.

Other things – e.g. assigning results for all previous years, or making sure every article is assigned a category can wait until after live.