Over the past couple of years, we have been gradually adding features to the site.

  • News items – Regular news on the site gives the visitor a feeling of dynamism and a sense that things are happening in your centre. You can list news in our own country, or from Centres around the world. News from around the world is listed in its own /news page. Many old pages on the site are news and can be converted into news items.
  • Stories – Stories are used to relate experiences by Sri Chinmoy’s students, and are authored by a particular autor. From an editor standpoint, they are almost identical to regular pages, and are listed along with pages in the book structure.
    The only real difference between stories and regular pages is that they can be displayed in listings across the site. Many of our regular pages are really stories, and would be better off converted to stories.
  • Videos – They are often listed along with stories on the front page and other prominent areas of the site
  • Books – Books can be listed prominently using shortcodes, and are also available in their own special /books page.
  • Map displays – Display the classes in your country on an interactive map.
  • Content from other sites – Display latest content from the Races, Radio and TV sites
  • Full width image displays – Sometimes a picture says more than a whole article ever will. We can add full width images that scale properly for large desktops and mobiles alike.
  • Shortcodes – a way to display listings maps audio and video on pages
  • Table displays – For a long time, our editors have been using tables as a way of positioning content. Since people are used to doing it this way, we decided to do our best to ensure these tables are displayed in a proper SEO-friendly way and look good in desktop and mobile.